The ASCE Leader Training Committee (LTC) has collected successful activities of Sections and Branches and compiled them into this Best Practices Guide. The purpose is to provide new ideas and activities that your Section or Branch can use to expand your program initiatives and support the mission, vision, and values of the society. This summary provides information on how to effectively use the Best Practices Guide, and contact information for comments orsuggestions for future releases.


The Leader Training Committee acknowledges all the Sections and Branches that submitted Best Practice
summaries and the volunteers that assisted with the development of this document.


The Leader Training Committee is always looking for new Best Practices to include in its guide. The Committee plans to publish an updated version at least annually. If you have a Best Practice and would like to contribute to this guide or have any feedback or comments, please contact Nancy Berson at 703-295-6010. A Contact Summary of individual Best Practices follows the Table of Contents.

Before getting started, click here for some introductory and contact information for each Best Practice.