ASCE Region 1 Section & Student Chapter Grant Application

Eligility criteria: To be eligible to apply for a ASCE Region 1 Grant, your Section or Student Chapter must:

  • Be located within ASCE Region 1;

  • Be current on the submission of required reports to ASCE (for at least the past 2 years); and

  • Be current on assessments (for at least the past 2 years).

  • Apply to 1 grant per topic or event

Note: Branches are not eligible to apply directly for this Grant Application. However, Sections may apply on behalf of a Branch.

Availability of funding: Grants are available to ASCE Region 1 Sections, Student Chapters on a rolling basis (there is no deadline). Grant applications will be evaluated by the ASCE Region 1 Director and ASCE Region 1 Board of Governors. Be advised that ASCE Region 1 may not have money available to distribute – at which time, ASCE Region 1 will no longer accept grant applications.

Amount of funding: The maximum amount that can be requested with this grant application is $500.00 (USD). The Region 1 Board of Governors may on a case by case basis review a grant application that is more than $250.00 and request additional information.

How to apply: See Instructions to Applicant below for information about completing this application.

Award Application