LTC Charge
The Leader Training Committee (LTC) is responsible for the coordination and delivery of leader training and development for the Society.   This LTC infographic visually depicts what LTC does and the training opportunities we develop and host.

Who comprises LTC?

LTC consists of 9 Society members, including seven (7) current or past Geographic Region Governors representing eight (8) different Geographic Regions. 

What we provide...

  • Learn new Section/Branch Best Practices that you can utilize in your Section/Branch and become familiar with the Best Practices Manual
  • Meet and interact with Staff and Society level Officers
  • Understand how the Geographic Services Dept. as well as other departments can help your Section/Branch
  • Network and meet colleagues & Governors and understand how Governors can you help your Section/Branch
  • Learn how to effectively run your Section/Branch, utilize your Governors and be an effective leader in your Section/Branch by creating a Presidential Plan
  • Leader training opportunities including Workshop for Section, Branch and Institute Leaders (WSBIL) and Presidents and Governors Forum (PGF).  Click on links for more information

Contact Us

Ex. 515.203.1061