Welcome to Region 5!

Your Board of Governors is excited about the future of our Region. The Purpose of Region 5 is Advancing the Profession by:  

•    Inspiring Members
•    Creating Excitement
•    Promoting Excellence in Civil Engineering

I'm encouraged by the support and participation of your Governors in this process.  There is an air of excitement about the future of Region 5.  One of our initiatives is to help groups that at are struggling.  If your Section/Branch/YMG/Institute/Student Chapter would be interested in meeting with the R5BoG, please let me know.  We can discuss general concerns or focus our meeting on one topic like student transition.  I like to think of these meetings as personalized information beyond the MRLC. We're actively looking for locations for upcoming meeting, so please consider hosting.

Your Region 5 Board of Governors is always open to hearing about what's important to you.  If you have something you want to share, please feel free to contact me at any time.  I will be happy to address any issues or concerns at monthly BOG calls.  Your Director and Governors are here to help you and make your group successful.  Please let us know how we can help!


Sarah Matin, P.E., M. ASCE
Director, Region 5


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2024 Eastern Multi-Region Leadership Conference and Region 5 Assembly and Breakout


On Thursday, January 25 to Saturday, January 27, 2024; the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Eastern Multi-Region Leadership Conference (MRLC) was held in Miami. The ASCE MRLC is an annual event that unites over 400 professionals, young engineers, and students from 25 Eastern States and Puerto Rico from ASCE regions 1, 2, 4, 5.

The purpose of the MRLC is to provide a venue for upcoming leaders to gain knowledge of the Society and their Region, interact with students, younger members, section, branch, and institute leaders, while gaining personal leadership skills and learning the importance of networking.
Participation in the Workshop strengthens and expands the programs and activities of Sections and Branches through the interchange of ideas, information, and experiences, while it exposes incoming officers to the tools needed to be effective leaders.

The MRLC is comprised of three sub-group workshops: Western Student Chapter Leaders (WSCL); Western Region Younger Member Council (WRYMC); and the Workshop for Section, Branch and Institute Leaders (WSBIL). Events are organized for WSCL, WRYMC, and WSBIL individually, as well as collectively.
In addition to other training activities, Region 5 held an Assembly and Region Breakout. The assembly and breakout was a great opportunity that allowed members to meet the Region 5 Board of Governors, interact with other members from Region 5, discuss the benefits of attending the MRLC, and learn how the Region 5 Board of Governors can assist your Section, Branch, or Institute.

Region 5 at the 2023 President Governors Forum in Reston, VA


September 9-11, 2023, incoming Region, Section, Branch, and Institute leaders were invited to participate in the ASCE Leader Orientation and the ASCE Presidents and Governors Forum (PGF). Leader orientation is designed to provide incoming Society leaders with information they need to succeed in the position they serve. The PGF features interactive professional development sessions, best practice presentations, hands-on exercises for effectively running your groups, and opportunities for open discussions with your Society leaders.

Region 5 was well represented with leaders from the Region 5 Governing Board, Transportation and Development Institute, Construction Institute, Environmental and Water Resources Institute, Alabama Section, Montgomery Branch, Florida Section, Broward County Branch, East Coast Branch, Palm Beach Branch, Suncoast Branch, Georgia Section, Louisiana Section, Mississippi Section, and Puerto Rico Section.