DV Terrell Paper Competition


2020 MRLC Region 4 Roundtable Discussion Summary:


  • Discussed institutes and where there are significant presence and where other organizations fill the need currently.
  • Need to focus on companies to help encourage new employees/young engineers to become involved in ASCE after college

South Carolina

  • Maintaining & gaining members
    • Community service, social events, tours
    • Rotation of location of events around counties
  • Lack of leadership on the Section level
  • Host at the University to encourage student attendance
  • Add student liaison (from student chapter) on Branch board
  • Put focus on recruitment on companies (champions) vs. at student chapters


  • The Student Chapters struggle with getting new members, struggle with participation, and struggle with a lack of consistent faculty advisors.
  • Most of the Student Chapters don’t know who their Practitioner Advisor is.
  • Most of the branches / sections don’t have any interaction with the Institutes.

North Carolina

  • Discussed struggles of balancing free time with focusing on their career
  • To encourage students to become younger members in ASCE, the following was suggested:
    • YMs attend student events
    • Invite students to participate in section and branch meetings
    • Invite students to participate in ASCE conferences
    • YMs speak about the value of being a younger member