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ASCE Region 4 Members,
As the ASCE Foundation Council of Trustees representative from Region 4, I would like to share with you some of the important things the ASCE Foundation makes happen. The Mission of the Foundation is to develop “resources to build a stronger profession to meet tomorrow’s national and global challenges.” The Foundation funds Education Programs to support the continuing education of our members and to inform the public about what we do and its importance like Future World Vision. Engineering Programs such as the ASCE Report Card for America’s Infrastructure are supported by the Foundation. The Multi-Region Leaders Conference and Younger Members Leadership Symposium as well as Section Centennial grants are an element of Foundation support. Student activities like the Student Competition Championships and the Student Activities Reimbursement(STAR) Fund to better enable students to attend official ASCE meetings are supported by the Foundation. As you can see, the ASCE Foundation is an integral part of taking our profession forward. Please consider a gift to the Foundation this year. To donate go to: today.


Bob Cagle, Past Region 4 Director and Member of the ASCE Foundation Council of Trustees



Past WV Governor Nominated to WV Board of Registration of Professional Engineers


Carol Stevens, PE was appointed on October 25, 2023 as a Board Member for the West Virginia Board of Registration for Professional Engineers. She is a Past Region 4 Governor and President of CAS Structural Engineering in WV.  Lets congratulate Carol on this great achievement.  For more information, Board Members (



Region 4 History & Heritage Committee


On May 1, 1927, workers employed by the American Bridge Company began construction of a new and revolutionary suspension bridge that would span the Ohio River.  This new span would link the towns of Point Pleasant, WV and Gallipolis, OH.  Little more than a year later, on May 18, 1928, traffic began flowing across the newly erected structure.

For nearly 40 years, this bridge, considered in its day to have been an engineering marvel, would safely shepherd traffic from one side of the Ohio to the other.  So routine in the daily lives of many people, it would soon come to be taken almost for granted.  However, the events of December 15, 1967 would forever shatter any previous sense of complacency.  The failure of this once beloved local icon would forever scar the memories of survivors and witnesses alike.  Yet, it would also serve as the catalyst that would usher in a new era of safety awareness and construction innovations.  In response to this catastrophe, Congress established National Bridge Inspection Standards.  These standards created a rigorous nationwide bridge safety inspection program to detect unsafe structural conditions, prevent future tragedies, and save countless lives.

However, the loss of 46 lives, coupled with the spectacular images that were flashed around the world, has ensured that its name will remain forever etched alongside other historic synonyms for “Disaster.” More than 50 years later, we still feel a sense of awe and sadness when we hear the name.


                                                   Silver Bridge