Region 2 consists of Central PA, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, Maryland, National Capital, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh Sections, including the Reading Branch.  We host a Region 2 Assembly every year, and participate in the Multi-region Leadership Conference.  We look forward to serving you as our members!

Regions have been organized to provide input to the ASCE Society Board of Direction, facilitate communications, help implement the Society‚Äôs Strategic Plan, promote leadership  development, support the local geographic units, and improve member service within the Society. Regions may have committees and we have an annual assembly to facilitate our purpose.

Each Region within ASCE elects a Director. The Director of a Region has two roles within ASCE. First, they serve as the chairperson of the Region Board of Governors. Second, they serve on the ASCE Society Board of Direction. Region Directors are elected by the members of their Regions to serve on the ASCE Society Board of Direction and chair the Region Board of Governors.

Each Geographic Region elects a Board of Governors from within the Region. The ASCE Region 2 Board is comprised of six Governors.

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