Region 2 consists of Central PA, Delaware, Lehigh Valley, Maryland, National Capital, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh Sections, including the Reading, Catoctin, Eastern Shore, Reston, and Northwestern PA Branches.  We host a Region 2 Assembly every year, and participate in the Multi-Region Leadership Conference.  We look forward to serving you as our members!

Regions have been organized to provide input to the ASCE Society Board of Direction, facilitate communications, help implement the Society’s Strategic Plan, promote leadership  development, support the local geographic units, and improve member service within the Society. Regions may have committees and we have an annual assembly to facilitate our purpose.

If you are looking for a speaker, need information about an ASCE policy, have questions about one of the Region’s assistance programs, please fill out the contact us form or email one of your local governors listed on the Contacts page. The Region 2 Board meets on a monthly basis and your comments, questions or concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.

Thank you for visiting our site – we are excited to assist you and to further the Civil Engineering profession!

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