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Region 4 History & Heritage Committee

On May 1, 1927, workers employed by the American Bridge Company began construction of a new and revolutionary suspension bridge that would span the Ohio River.  This new span would link the towns of Point Pleasant, WV and Gallipolis, OH.  Little more than a year later, on May 18, 1928, traffic began flowing across the newly erected structure.

For nearly 40 years, this bridge, considered in its day to have been an engineering marvel, would safely shepherd traffic from one side of the Ohio to the other.  So routine in the daily lives of many people, it would soon come to be taken almost for granted.  However, the events of December 15, 1967 would forever shatter any previous sense of complacency.  The failure of this once beloved local icon would forever scar the memories of survivors and witnesses alike.  Yet, it would also serve as the catalyst that would usher in a new era of safety awareness and construction innovations.  In response to this catastrophe, Congress established National Bridge Inspection Standards.  These standards created a rigorous nationwide bridge safety inspection program to detect unsafe structural conditions, prevent future tragedies, and save countless lives.

However, the loss of 46 lives, coupled with the spectacular images that were flashed around the world, has ensured that its name will remain forever etched alongside other historic synonyms for “Disaster”.  More than 50 years later, we still feel a sense of awe and sadness when we hear the name… 

Silver Bridge




Region 4 in Philadelphia, PA for the 2020 Multi-Regional Leadership Conference

Region 4 Students, Younger members, Branch Leaders, Section Leaders, Governors, and the Director all took part in the two day MRLC, held in Philadelphia, PA.  While at the conference, the Nashville Branch was awarded the Outstanding Section and Branch Award representing the Medium size Section and Branch category.  Congratulations, Nashville!  You make Region 4 proud!




ASCE Region 4 is Indy Bound!

The Indiana Section welcomes the Region 4 Governors and 2019 Spring Assembly to Indianapolis, IN on May 10-11, 2019.  Lively discussions were had amongst the Governors and Section and Branch leaders from across Region 4 on strategic initiatives of ASCE. 














The inaugural Region 4 Younger Member Council held their first face to face meeting.  They discussed their concerns with the Region and how we can work together to provide member value for the Region.  They hosted their own social on Friday night and joined the Assembly for the D.V. Terrell Paper Presentation.













The Annual DV Terrell Presentation was held.  This years competition had four presenters. Three of the DV Terrell presenters competed in person at the Spring Assembly while one of the presenters gave her presentation via Skype so that she could attend her best friends wedding as a bridesmaid.

Region 4 takes over Charleston, SC!

Region 4 Governors held their Summer Assembly on July 14-15, 2018 in Charleston, SC.  Twenty eight members from all eight sections gathered to discuss section and branch iniatives and strategic issues over the past year.  Some section member were able to sit in on the ASCE Society Executive Board meeting to hear the society's strategic iniatitives and budget for the upcoming year.  The D.V. Terrell paper competition was held with three participants from West Virginia Section, Arkansas Section, and South Carolina Section. Diane Jlatey, from the South Carolina Section, won the D. V. Terrell paper competition. 









The Region 4 Governos recognized the Governors that were completing their term as Governor for their Section.  John Keeling, from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Jayson Funkhouser from Arkansas were recognized.  Chuck Black, from South Carolina, was also recognized as our Region 4 Director as his term ends.  Many thanks to John, Jayson, and Chuck for their hard work and dedication over the years!









Robin Kemper, ASCE President-Elect, paid a visit to our awards banquet dinner with the D.V. Terrell competitors. Kristina Swallow gave a presentation on the Society's strategic iniatives and a synopsis of the Society Executive Board meeting, that ran concurrently with the Region 4 Assebly meeting. Melissa Wheeler, from LTC, gave a presentation on what available resources LTC and Geographic Services for the sections and branches. The Region 4 Assembly also discussion the creation of the Younger Member Council.  Review of the by-laws and input from all the attendees was welcomed in the creation of this council. 

Thanks Charleston and the South Carolina Section for hosting and all the hospitality! 


Region 4 takes on Buffalo, NY for the 2018 Multi-Regional Leadership Conference

Region 4 Students, Younger members, Branch Leaders, Section Leaders, Governors, and the Director all took part in the two day MRLC, held in Buffalo, NY.



2017 DV Terrell Award Presented 

The DV Terrell Award was presented to the 2017 first place winner, Elizabeth Kokosinski, at the Civil Engineering Professional Development Seminar at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. It was put on by ASCE- MIB and Purdue University on November 16, 2017.  Indiana Region 4 Governor, Bill Dubios presented the award to Elizabeth.  The Terrell Paper Competition topic discussed the ethics of professors being licensed professional engineers.  Elizabeth was one of the five participants in the paper competition.  This is the second year in a row that Indiana has won the Terrell Paper Competition.





Fall Governors Meeting and PGF

The Region 4 Governors met for their Fall in-person meeing in Hawks Nest, WV.  At the meeting, Governors discussed many issues concerning the region including resolutions to ASCE national restructuring, upcoming budget for 2017-2018, Governor transitions and leadership positions.  Bob Cagle with be coming on at At-Large Governor for a one year term as Christina Ammens vacated her last year to become the Virginia Section Governor.  At the meeting, the out going governors for Tennessee and North Carolina were presented with  plaques honoring their dedication and service to the society and Region.  The out going governor for Virginia was presented with his plaque at the September Joint Society Luncheon in Virginia Beach, VA.


While at the Governors meeting, a few of the Govenors enjoyed walking the full length of the catwalk on the New River Bridge. 


The same weekend, the incoming governors of Tennessee and North Carolina attended Governors Training and President and Governors Forum (PGF) in Reston, VA at ASCE Headquarters.  The incoming Governors learned what their roles and responsibilities as a Region Governor and attended sessions and participated in open discussion on how to make their sections and branches better.  Before the PGF was adjorned, some of the Region 4 leadership gathered infront of ASCE Headquarters for a picture. 


Multi-Region Leadership Conference (MRLC) 2017

The Multi-Region Leadership Conference (MRLC) was held on January 19-21, 2017 at the Marriott at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ.  Regions 1, 2, 4, and 5 were represented at the MRLC.  Students, Younger Members, and Seasoned Professionals enjoyed two days of leadership, comradery, and attendees got a sneak peek of the Dream Big movie.



Region 4 walked away  with various awards won by its members, sections, and branches.  The Nashville Branch walked away with the Outstanding Section for a Medium Sized Branch.  The Nashville Section also walked away with the Outstanding Website for Medium Sized Branch. Rajan Jha, President-elect of the Virginia Section, walked away with the Outstanding Young Civil Engineer in Private Sector.  Rajan was one of the ten New Faces of Civil Engineering in 2016.


DV Terrell Award Presented 

The DV Terrell Award was presented to the 2016 winner, Matt Lovell, at the Civil Engineering Professional Development Seminar at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. It was put on by ASCE- MIB and Purdue University on November 17,2016. ASCE President-Elect, Christina Swallows and Region 4 Governor, Bill Dubios presented the award.






Nashville Branch Awarded 2016 Outstanding Website Award 

The Nashville Branch has been awarded the 2016 Outstanding Section and Branch Website Award in the Medium Section and Branch membership category.  This award will be presented at the 2017 Regions 1, 2, 4, and 5 Multi-Region Leadership on Saturday, January 21, 2017 in Newark, NJ.  Congrats!  Click here to go to the Nashville Branch Website



Governor's Meeting in Virginia Beach

Region 4 Governors met at the Westin in Town Center in Virginia Beach, VA on October 21-22, 2016.  Between enjoying the crisp Fall Beach weather and local seafood, the governors met to discuss strategic planning of the Region and issues the section and branches are facing. A good time was had by all and the next meeting will be a dinner meeting at the MRLC in Newark, NJ on January 19, 2017. 



Pictured from left to right: Bill Dubois, Bob Cagle, Christina Ammens, Jaysson Funkhouser, Chuck Black, Carol Stevens, and Mike Barbchem.